Over the years we paid high attention on the evironmental aspects and we are particularly focused to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

The construction of the dyeing house involved a massive investment in water collection and disposal. The water we use comes from a well licensed by the Province of Milan. The waste water is treated with chemical-physical plant and then with activated carbon filter, the purified water is discharged according to the table provided by our authorization. The polluting residue of the sludge purification process is periodically disposed by an approved company.

Exhaust smoke from the three finishing lines are purified and removed by a special system. This filtering system has been continuously modified over time trying to improve its effectiveness.

In 2019 after various surveys, we have identified an even more performing system, specific for the type of smoke that affects the company. This system consists in a set of sections of electro filters, which capture the particles of oil, by emitting only the residual vapour into the atmosphere. This installaton guarantees higher efficiency than the previous one, already within the legal limits.

Tutela dell’ambiente

As well as being subject to regulations, the company has promoted investments in energy recovery on a voluntary basis.

The Air-Water-Noise treatment is regulated by the Unique Environmental Authorization n.259915/2017 of 08/11/2017 issued by the Metropolitan City of Milan.

Since 1996, Fimotex S.r.l. has a cogeneration plant for the production of electricity required for the production, with the recovery of air, water and steam, which instead of being dispersed are reintroduced into the business cycle or used for the heating of workplaces in winter.

In the course of 2018, the power station was completely refurbished. The old engines were decommissioned and replaced by a MAN engine of the latest generation with high energy efficiency and low emissions, preserving and improving the recovery principles that already characterized the previous plant. Thanks to recovered energy, we have white certificates.
The company is also very attentive to waste differentiation and is carrying out research to acquire degradable packaging materials, which can replace those made of plastic.