The company was founded in 1983 by the young brothers Luca, Matteo and Marco Mottin, who decided to install in their house two circular knitting machines for the production of the sweatshirt.

The big leap occurred in 1987, the owners decided to transfer the machinery to Castano Primo (Milan) and create a specialized sector for the process of textile finishing.

Since then, several transformations have taken place. New and more advanced machines have been installed almost every year to improve the quality of the final product and deliver a more complete and impeccable service to its costumers.

In 1999 a great metamorphosis took place, Mottin brothers, who have now acquired excellent skills not only in weaving but also in finishing, decided to remove the weaving department, giving space to a new highly automated finishing line.
This decision marked the rise of the success of Fimotex and, has since then attracted important customers that still represent a relevant part of the company’s production.

In 2011, the owners expanded the company by adding a new building to the pre-existing ones.

A small dyeing machinery has been installed (to perform washing, bleaching) and an innovative line of finishing specially designed to allow experimentation of new treatments has been installed.

The company carries out its activity as a contractor, so the focus has been on diversifying as much as possible the machinery in order to satisfy its clients’ different requests.

Knitted fabrics (sweatshirt, ribs, fleece, piquet, stitches milan, jacquard, ottoman, knit for mattresses, jersey, sponges) and shuttle fabrics are treated, also those for furnishing purpose.

The search for more innovative processes and technologies is personally followed by the owners and supported by expert and trusted personnel.

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